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CMM RT Check 2.0 Standard, calibrated (Software not included)

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The CMM RT Check 2.0 is used for intermediate testing coordinate measuring machines with rotary tables according to the standard series DIN EN ISO 10360. ・Touch deviation of individual points (P) ・Scanning deviation (THP) ・Multiple keystroke deviation (MF, MS and ML) ・Length measurement deviation (E) ・Probing deviation (RONt) ・Four-axis deviation, only for rotary tables (FR, FT and FA)

  • Normkonforme Prüfung aller taktilen Spezifikationen
  • standard-compliant testing of all tactile specifications
  • Safe and return testing of coordinate measuring instruments (from a measuring range of (≥ 500 x 500 x 500 mm)
  • Measurement of different lengths by a steel step end dimension
  • DAkkS-calibrated standards with minimum measurement uncertainty
  • clamping for all orientations (axis, planes and spatial arrangement)
  • Simple, fast and economical handling of the test specimen
  • Regular and timely monitoring of the CMM, e.g. after collisions
product type

Test body for inspecting CMMs consisting of a rigid body equipped with

  • 1 Steel step gauge, lengths 420 mm. Coefficient of thermal expansion alpha = 11.5 * 1/K
  • 1 Ring Gauge, diameter 30 mm
  • 1 Precision ceramic sphere, diameter 25 mm
  • 2 Additional precision ceramic spheres for rotary table check, diameter 30 mm


  • Raised columns (extensions) for test body
  • Styli for both XXT and VAST sensors
  • Transport case with lock and foam insert
  • DAkkS calibration certificate accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Required items not incuded

  • Software Dongle (CALYPSO test plan for measurement and evaluation)
  • Styli adaptor plates

This CMM Check is NOT suitable for MICURA, PRISMO ultra, XENOS

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