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CMM Check 1.0 Multi Feature, calibrated (Software not included)

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The multi-feature check is a method for the exemplary determination of the measurement uncertainty related to the test feature and of the suitability of the test process for nearly all dimensional, shape and position deviations occurring in coordinate measurement technology. It is based on a specially developed universal test specimen, which is calibrated DAkkS and is used in conjunction with the experimental method according to VDI/VDE 2617 sheet 8 Test process suitability of measurements with coordinate measuring instruments or VDA5 or DIN EN ISO 15530-3.

Depending on the partial spectrum of the user, for example, the following test features of the universal test specimen can be selected. For this purpose, the measurement uncertainties can be determined in relation to the respective coordinate measuring device and a statement about the test process suitability can be derived:

  • diameter, length, angle
  • Straightness, flatness, roundness, cylinder shape
  • parallelism, rectangularity, inclination, position, concentricity, coaxiality, symmetry
  • concentricity, cross-country, total concentricity, total concentricity

When applying the method according to VDI/VDE 2617 sheet 9, the measurement uncertainties and the test process suitability are determined realistically taking into account the current temperatures on site with workpiece-like material and workpiece-like surface influences.

  • Simple determination of measurement uncertainty related to the test characteristics
  • including DAkkS calibration
  • test specimens and calibration from a single source, cured surfaces result in a long service life
product type

‘Dimensions of the cylindrical body: Length: 200mm Diameter: 100mm

At the heart of the multi-feature check is a universal test specimen, which consists of a cylindrical basic body with different geometric elements, as they occur on typical workpieces of medium size:

  • cylindrical bore with different diameters and depths
  • One hole circle
  • A short cone with a large opening angle and a long cone with a small opening angle
  • Three flat surfaces, one of which is inclined
  • cylindrical surface of the base body
  • including DAkkS calibration

Product note

The software is not included and must be purchased separately. A software license is required for each coordinate measuring device.

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